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Zenšped Group is your reliable partner primarily for the storage of goods in the free zone of the Port of Bar, and in cooperation with partners from the field of contractual logistics, provides storage of all types of goods that are delivered by ship, road, air and rail way.

Regardless of your activity, we can provide you with an optimal logistics solution and enable easy management of goods while optimizing your costs. 

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  • Short-term and long-term storage and manipulation of goods (customs and commercial, standard and oversized, palletized and non-palletized)

  • Preparation of goods according to sales orders at the pallet, box and piece level (single item, case, pallet order picking)

  • Qualitative and quantitative control (expiry dates, quality of packaging, quality control of returns, traceability)

  • Reporting and monitoring of warehouses

  • Sorting and commissioning of goods

  • Services of manual loading and unloading, palletizing and stretching of shipments

  • Additional ADD VALUE services

  • Distribution of goods

Many years of experience in this field and the dedication of our team enable partners to improve their business in terms of security, speed, and cost reduction.

The Zenšped team offers a professional and responsible approach in creating solutions by adapting to clients, following their requests and changes, listening to their suggestions.

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Each inquiry is special and, depending on various factors, the price is formed for each client separately. Please send us an inquiry so that our team can process your request and you will receive a quote.

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