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The company Zenšped Group grew out of one of the first private initiatives in the region, which was founded in 1992. We are proud of the fact that successful cooperation with most clients has been going on for more than ten years, and with some since the very foundation of the company, which indicates long-term partnership relations and mutual trust.

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Transport of goods

As primarily a port forwarding company, we place a strong emphasis on maritime transport of goods. We also provide road, rail, and air transport services.

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Storage of Goods

Zenšped Group is your reliable partner primarily for the storage of goods in the free zone of the Port of Bar, and in cooperation with partners from the field of contractual logistics, provides storage of all types of goods that are delivered by ship, road, air and rail. Regardless of your activity, we can provide you with an optimal logistics solution and enable easy management of goods while optimizing your costs.

Customs Clearance

Years of our experience in providing customs representation services are a guarantee for fast and efficient work. Incomplete or incorrect customs documentation can lead to delays in the transport and delivery of goods.

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We have been trusted by many companies

ZENŠPED has been my partner in successful lumber business for 30 years, let's move on...

Vladimir Jelača

Mivim d.o.o.

Very friendly staff, with an extremely professional attitude towards work. They would especially praise the promptness in communication, which is of great importance in logistics.

Bojan Dobrosavljević

Unitehna d.o.o.

Cooperation with you is excellent. You have improved the look and visibility of invoices a long time ago, as far as we are concerned you are always at our disposal, both outside working hours and on holidays.

Station Manager | Petar Bižić

Cargomind d.o.o.

It is a pleasure to cooperate with a team of people who are experts in their work and find the most optimal solution for each of our inquiries.

Jasna Tomac

Primacošped d.o.o.

TOP team and maximally professional 😊

Seafreight Export Manager | Dragan Bulješević

Transfera d.o.o.

Cooperation inquiry

If you would like additional information or a calculation of the value of transport for specific goods and specific destinations, please send us an inquiry for cooperation and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

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Should the shipment be insured?

Da ukoliko želite da budete sigurni i bezbrižni.

According to international conventions, freight forwarders and carriers have limited liability for loss or damage to goods. In the event of an incident, your compensation is usually calculated according to the "standard" negligence clause.

How do I get a price for my shipment?

Each inquiry is special and depending on various factors, the price is formed for each client separately. Please send us an inquiry so that our team can process your request and receive a quote.

What is the purpose of the CMR consignment note?

The bill of lading is a document confirming that a contract has been concluded for the carriage of goods, i.e. cargo. It is used in all branches of transport - land, sea, air and mixed transport.

The CMR waybill as well as the data entered in it are of much greater importance than the waybill in domestic road transport.

From which countries can I import goods?

Zenšped allows you to import goods from any country in the world.

What does the term FCA mean?

Carrier (at the designated place). The seller hands the goods cleared for export into the hands of the carrier designated by the buyer at the designated place. This parity is suitable for all types of transport, including air, road and container, i.e. multi-modal transport.

What does the abbreviation DDP mean?

Delivered cleared (to the specified destination). The seller covers all costs of transportation and customs clearance of the goods, as well as the costs of customs and related taxes, and bears all the risk until the goods are delivered.